Mission Statement

Illinois Public Pension Advisory CommitteeIPPAC’s mission is to provide a forum to educate its members on a continuing basis about legal issues, investment strategies and governmental regulations.

About Us

The Illinois Public Pension Advisory Committee is an Illinois Not for Profit Organization that was created in 1995 by concerned Police and Fire Pension Fund Trustees who wanted to know about issues affecting public pension funds in Illinois.

We work closely with The Illinois Department of Insurance to ensure our members are receiving the most up-to-date information available.

IPPAC’s Advisory Faculty is made up of experienced professionals with a demonstrated track record in the fields of investment consulting or the practice of public pension law. Selection to the Faculty is based on background and expertise.

Their function is to be available to Board Trustee Members for any questions they might have or to give out information they request. The faculty also acts as the educating arm by presenting seminars and presentations at the IPPAC conferences.

Additional seminars may be scheduled at the Faculty’s discretion or upon request. Finally, the Advisory Faculty contributes timely and informative articles to the IPPAC newsletter which is available to all members.

Board of Directors

Ray Cordell – South Barrington Police Pension Fund
Bob Beattie – Carpentersville Firefighters Pension Fund
Michael Kilbourne – Carpentersville Police Pension Fund
Marv Kramer – Streamwood Firefighters Pension Fund
Cary Collins – General Counsel
John Mitchell – Advisory Faculty Chairperson